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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super Fatigue

First of all, Go Big Blue!  Before I rant on all things Super Bowl, I gotta give love to one of the hometown teams.  Football is the only sport I allow myself multiple favorites, and after the Jets, the Giants are my favorite team.  Add that to a hatred of Boston and it's surrounding region and a general distaste for Tom Brady... well,go G-Men!

That said, I'm so absolutely sick of the twelve days of football that leads up to the Super Bowl.  Analysis, pointless interviews, detailed descriptions of practice.  I mean, practice!  We're talking about practice!  Not the game, but practice! (Thank you, Allen Iverson)  Then of course there's the spectacle of it all, where in a four hour football event, about an hour of football is actually played.  Madonna will be on the field, along with a bunch of other people NOT playing football.  When did this become more about the event and less about the game?

Here's the big kicker:  half the people that watch the Super Bowl do so for the commercials.  Commercials that have been "leaked early."

Spoiler Alert:

Now I have successfully removed one of the three reasons to watch the Super Bowl.  To those of you (like me) who are watching the game, Go Giants!  And for those of you (myself included) who will be watching for an inevitable Madonna wardrobe malfunction... gotta love halftime.

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