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Friday, August 5, 2011

Chubby Me, day 20

Today's weigh-in: 256.6 lbs.

I've had slip-ups. Lost weekends. Skipped training days. I really suck at dieting. The results however are encouraging. Eating right most of the time does allow the slip-ups to pass under the radar more.

Thank goodness for summer sports. Basketball and softball have been helpful in keeping the missed workouts marginalized. And 3 slip-up days out of 20 is a lot better than I thought I would do when I started.

I'm heading to Florida in October for my grandmother's 92nd birthday. My goal is to be in the best shape of anyone there. Softball today, basketball tomorrow, weights on Sunday and Monday...

Big shoutout to my good friend John from Jersey. He watched the documentary, is doing the full-on juice fast, and has seen great results. Inspiration begets inspiration, and he's inspired me to try harder.

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  1. you could look like a cop (from nyc) with his gut hanging over his pants trying to run after a shop lifter. that said, shut up you don't look bad.