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Monday, July 25, 2011

Chubby Me, Day 8

So, a week or so into my workout plan has me holding at 259.0 lbs. The modified diet aspect of this is the hardest thing because I have this unfortunate weakness for sweets. And Thai food.

So there's a compromise: granted, the Thai House restaurant near my house isn't home cooking, but it was good in a pinch, and I was careful with what I ate. Vegetarian Pad Thai (rice noodles) gave me the carb fix I needed, and it wasn't a horrifically sized portion. It was the best of bad decisions. The next day, I went back to the grocery store and loaded up on fruits and vegetables. More broccoli salad on the horizon. If it ain't broke, right?

Workouts have been going without a hitch mostly. I work out with a good friend of mine and I tell him that the surest way to know you had a good workout is that you're cussing at the weights. People invent new swear words for the stuff we do. I seriously do believe that Tourette's Syndrome was first diagnosed in the gym. Over the weekend I substituted treadmill running for ten minutes fighting a heavy bag. The heavy bag won. Punching that thing makes your SOUL sore.

Not drinking was made easier by the fact that I accepted a bouncer gig for side work at one of the bars I go to. Seriously, they pay me to party and not drink, and to assist people with leaving when they've had too much. Best. Side job. Ever.

I hear talk about kale, and I saw some in the grocery store, so I put out to the people watching... what the hell is kale and how do I use it???


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  2. Franklyn I love your blog and I know how hard it is to loose weight and eat healthy especially if you have a love for certain foods that you just can't let go of.

    Good luck with your weight loss,

  3. Jumping on board, I am going to try the 10 day fast, and see how I feel. Saw the movie this morning and I was blown away! Looking forward to having Sara see it tonight!

  4. John, you're going more hardcore than me. I'm drinking the stuff for only 2 meals a day out of five. But now that you've thrown down the gauntlet, i'll see if I can do it starting on my next day off!

  5. have to stay this is inspiring to me. we should talk daily i think.. i have a few different training options im trying at the same time ..trying to see what i accomplish out of curiosity.. but i like the blog