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Thursday, November 3, 2011

NaNoWriMo, day 3

At the start of day three of this little project, I find that I'm moving faster through story setup than I usually do.  First chapter introduced the basic premise, chapter two takes that basic premise and sets pieces in motion.  Bang, boom.  I'm kind of enjoying this whole seat of my pants writing thing.  I spend less time thinking about what to write and more time just writing.

The hard part is shutting off the part of my brain that says "fix this" or "change that."  I can't afford to care about how stupid it may sound, I have a word count and a deadline to make.

The site mentions that in order to finish on time, you should average 1,667 words per day.  I did 1,776 on day one, and 966 on day two.  I'm learning that it might be prudent to shut my phone off when I'm writing, so as to avoid any stupid interruptions.  A phone call with a sick friend today became a twenty minute session of inane conversation, medicated yawning and intermittent silence that I could have easily mistaken for dozing off.

The focus on this writing project also means I have to avoid, like a plague, the dating landscape.  Arm-twisting not included.  It doesn't mean that I should be a shut-in, or that I should avoid the things I like to do.  Moderation is the key to everything, and that's a lesson I've had to learn in most things in life this year.  As much as I would like to bury myself in my writing, I can't ignore the friendships I have with the people who help keep me sane (read: all of you).  And who knows?  A conversation i may have may spark a little more creativity...

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