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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Brave New World

So here we are, New Year's Day, and we're all still here.  The world didn't end, we were not all consumed in hellfire and Brimstone.  Those kooky Mayans pulled one over on us.  Since we're past the date of the scheduled Apocalypse, that makes this a post-apocalyptic world.  What shall we do with this brave new world?

Every year, we go about the task of making resolutions, of stating in grand fashion the things we would like to change or improve of fix.  This year... meh.  It's 2013.  I'm 34 years old, and minus a few tweaks here and there, I'm basically the person I'm going to be.  So, what now?  Well, instead of thinking of the things I'd like to change, there are things I'd like to actually do.  The Mayan Prophecy, as illusory as it was, gave me a bit of perspective.  The world could end tomorrow.  It's not likely, of course, but anything could happen.  And even if the world is still spinning, my time -- our time -- on it is finite.  This is a wonderful world, and we should not be afraid to do the things in it.

Like snowboard.  Or sky dive.  Or parasail.  Or succeed.

We try sweeping changes looking for a big win.  I came to realize in the last year that it doesn't work quite like that.  Very few people hit the lottery.  The "big win" that we observe from the outside is a combination of little wins, medium losses, and big lessons from all.  Nothing comes without effort, and effort doesn't come without guts.  So I "resolve' to have the guts to at least do some of the things I've never been able to do for fear of failure, embarrassment or death.

Happy 2013, everyone.

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