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Monday, January 30, 2012

My Generation...

Oh my god, I've become my parents.

Ten years ago I was in my 20's, life was good, and I was in the best shape of my life.  Now, I'm 33, my knees hurt after basketball, I'm more worried about politics than not.  Music sucks, and I dread doctor's visits.

I actually thought about that while I was in the shower tonight, how my first doctor's visit in my 30's so drastically differed from the ones I had before.  All of a sudden, I was turning my head and coughing.  Probes were placed where none had ever been placed before. I got the rubber-glove treatment.  I mean, seriously, I felt violated.  I'm sure men my age can relate, even if we don't say so.  To this day, the sound of a rubber glove snapping makes me cringe, and of course, since I work in healthcare, it means I'm very jittery at work.

As I'm driving to work tonight, I have the radio on, and I hear a very terrible collection of beeps, boops and bass, interpolated with the words "I'm sexy and I know it."  And I wish I could have seen my own face, because I imagine it looked something like my mother's did when I defended the lyrics of The Notorious B.I.G. to her.  She would look at me cockeyed and say "This is music?"  Now I listen to songs like "I'm Sexy And I Know It," and, well, I am most certainly not LMFAO.  I find myself asking questions I swore I would never ask when I was a teenager: Is this music?

So now, I along with the rest of my generation have become old people.  We rant about how the music sucks and how the kids today have no manners or dress sense.  We start stories with "Back in my day," and end with a rant on how spoiled today's youth is.  We all knew we would become parents one day (well, not me, but all of you), but who would have ever thought we'd become our parents?

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