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Monday, January 16, 2012

Only a little evil? (short post)

On the Facebook page for the upcoming movie "Chronicle," they ask a few poignant questions, one of which being could you only do a little evil?    Some people justify little evils as necessary parts of the greater good.  Not me.  Evil is like love and terror.  Impossible to quantify.  You're either in love or you're not.  You are either doing evil or you're not.  There's no in-between in terms of the act.  There may be some wiggle room in intent, but once you commit an evil act, no one's trying to read your mind or your intentions.

Another interesting question is, does an evil act make you evil?  I say no.  People are much more complex than their actions.  Very rarely (unless you're Dick Cheney) do people go out with the intention to harm.  I think we define evil as something that directly contradicts what we are trying to do with our lives.  But by no means is anyone evil in their own mind, I don't think.

I guess that makes me a little naive.

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